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Get the deets on Chomps and their nutritional value through ingredient details and other nutritional information here. See if Chomps meat sticks fit into your diet!


Are there any nitrates/nitrites in Chomps?

The only nitrates in our sticks are those naturally occurring in celery juice/powder. We do not add chemically created nitrates to our sticks.

What's the size difference between Chomps and Chomplings?

Chomps (full size sticks) are 1.15oz, and our half-sized sticks, Chomplings, are 0.5oz.

Are Chomps kosher or halal?

At this time, Chomps are not certified kosher or halal. We are always innovating and looking to improve, so hopefully this is something we can accomplish in the future!

Do Chomps fit the Weight Watchers diet?

For sure! Our turkey varieties are one point on the Weight Watchers diet, and our beef varieties 3 points.

How much sodium do Chomps contain?

In Chomps full-size 1.15oz sticks, there is 290mg of sodium. In our half-size 0.5oz sticks, Chomplings, there is 126mg of sodium. We do our best to keep our sodium low and don't use the salt for taste, but rather as a natural preservative.

Can I eat Chomps on the Keto diet?

Yes! All of our products are Keto compliant.

What is encapsulated lactic acid?

Lactic acid is derived from Non-GMO cane sugar and it's created through a fermentation process in which cane sugar is converted to an acid. The lactic acid, combined with sea salt and celery juice is what gives our sticks the 13-month shelf life. Des

Where can I find nutrition info for Chomps products?

Since the nutrition information of each product ranges, nutrition info for all of our products can be found on each individual product page. https://

Are all of your meat sticks products NON-GMO?

All of our Beef is Non-GMO project verified and all of our Turkey is antibiotic free.

What makes Chomps healthy?

So many things! But to name a few, our products are free from GMOs, gluten, soy, dairy, added sugar, added nitrates or nitrites, MSG, artificial preservatives or coloring, and artificial sweeteners.

Do Chomps contain potassium?

The only potassium in our products is the amount that is naturally found in the beef. No potassium is added.

Do Chomps contain sugar?

None of our products contain sugar!¬†‚̧

Do any of your products contain nightshades?

Two of our sticks do not contain any nightshades - Italian Beef and Sea Salt Beef. Enjoy!!

Is Chomps an allergy-friendly snack?

Yes! All Chomps meat sticks are free from the top 9 food allergens (wheat, milk, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, sesame, fish and shellfish). While the product itself is allergy-friendly, our sticks are produced in a facility where soy, milk and sesame

Are Chomps meat sticks Gluten-free?

Yes! All Chomps meat sticks are gluten-free. Our sticks are produced in a facility where gluten is also present. The facility follows strict allergen control processes to prevent cross-contamination and performs monthly product testing to validate ab

Why are Turkey Chomps made with a beef casing?

We still use the beef casings on all of our Chomps sticks because other casings (i.e. vegetarian casings) do not meet our Whole30 and, potentially, our non-GMO requirements. Unfortunately, there aren't many other options for casings, but this could c

Are Chomps corn-free?

Chomps do not contain corn or corn derivatives.

How long is Chomps shelf-life?

365 days, or twelve months from production. Chomp away! ;)

Are Chomps products cured?

Chomps are smoked and fully cooked. We use curing agents (salt, celery juice) combined with smoking/cooking the meat to remove water and preserve the product.

Are Chomps products safe to eat while pregnant?

Chomps are smoked and fully cooked. We have a lot of happy mamas and soon-to-be mamas that eat our product and love it, but we recommend that since every pregnancy is different to speak to your physician to get specific approval.

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