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Adding a Product AND A Discount to SubscriptionUpdated 9 months ago

To add an item to your current subscription:
1. Log into your Chomps account
2. Select "Manage Subscription" 
3. Select an active subscription
4. Select "Add product"
5. Choose your pack size and frequency and hit "add product" again- your new addition will automatically ship with your next scheduled subscription, unless you schedule it otherwise. 


To apply a promo code to your subscription:
1. Select an active subscription*
2. Scroll down to the bottom (left**) and click "apply discount"
3. Enter the discount code and select "apply" ***

*Discounts applied to one product will apply to all products shipping the same day
**Instructions vary slightly on mobile versus desktop, please send us a chat with any questions you may have!
***Applied discounts will only apply to one recurring order, while the 10% subscription discount will remain active on every recurring order.
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